Zwift Game Release: March 12, 2015

Hey Zwifters!

We’ve added a bunch of new stuff to this build to help bring in more riders and solve some reoccurring issues that have been popping up. We’ve also added support for more trainers and changed the way the leaderboards work to make them easier to understand:

  • Leaderboard times now remain valid while you are riding in Zwift and for one hour after. If you log off and return within an hour, you will regain your jersey if your time remains the fastest.
  • Additionally, new ‘combo’ jerseys show if you’ve won multiple sprints/all jerseys.
  • The ‘Just Ride’ screen now includes the average speed of riders as well as distance traveled.
  • The number at the bottom of the rider list now represents all the riders on the island.
  • Disabled the Burrito power up.
  • Added an ‘Exit’ message from the login screen so you can hit ‘ESC’ out of the login screen now.

Additionally, we’ve added support for these virtual power trainers:

  • Elite Power Mag
  • Elite Power Fluid
  • Elite Mag Digital Wired
  • Elite Mag Speed Alloy
  • Elite Qubo Fluid
  • Elite Qubo Fluid+
  • JetBlack Fluidpro
  • Nashbar Fluid
  • Nashbar Fluid Pro

And, like before, a ton of changes under the hood for better stability and minor tweaks.

As always, we look forward to reading your comments, suggestions, and feedback in our Zwift Support Community.

Ride on!

Team Zwift