Zwift does not start on apple tv

Hi, after the latest update zwift does not start on apple tv.
I tried to reinstall but it doesn’t work the same.

Welcome Francesco,

my ATV has been fine and I assume it’s not a widespread issue or the forums would be going crazy.

What version of ATV do you have?
When you say re-install i take it you mean removed the app then downloaded again from app store?

Do you get any sort of error when launching? Is other app internet connectivity ok?

and finally if all else fails maybe a reset of the ATV could be option if nothing else works.

I am having the same issue. I can open just fine on my iphone but not working in my Apple tv 4.

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The forums are going crazy. Mostly Apple TV HD.

The ops post was 28 days ago before the latest ATV breaking update

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Whoops! Missed that fact.

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