Zwift crashing on Mac Monterey 12.7.5


I have a 2014 mac mini running 12.7.5 Monterey. 16GB 1600 MHz DD$3 memory, 3 Ghz dual core Intel processor, Intel Iris 1536 MB graphics card.

Recently I cannot get zwift to run at all as it crashes the computer every time I run it?

I have even completely deleted all files off the mac mini, and reinstalled Monterey 12.7.5 to make sure it was from a fresh installation.

Any way to resolve this? It would suck to hear an update recently obviated my old mac minim from running zwift!

If the computer crashes (not just Zwift crashing) you may have a hardware fault. That model does not have any easily replaceable components so you don’t have a way to swap out the memory or other bits. You can fairly easily reset the NVRAM and SMC but it’s not very likely to help.

Hi, @Marc_Pfenninger-4208 Welcome to the Forums! I’m Norman from Zwift. Sorry to hear about the crashes, taking a look at your computer specs, it looks like it should be able to run Zwift.

Most issues for crashes are the graphic drivers, it’s not as easy to make sure your graphic drivers are up-to-date on Mac but this article should be able to help with troubleshooting.

If this doesn’t help, it might be a good idea to check this article to learn how to send crash logs to the support team, that way we can determine the source of the issue and give you a hand with it.

Ride On.

Thanks Norman.

When I go to Console i don’t see any crash reports?