Zwift Crashing/Freezing Mid ride

Fairly new to Zwift. Have been using it for about 3 months. Prefer to launch Zwift on PC because of the bigger screen.
The past 5 times when I rode, regardless of routes, the app crashed in mid ride. No pattern is noticed. After the 2nd time I attempted to look for a fix cannot find any tech support information.
I am not sure what to do.

good luck. I’ve been dealing with this issue and zwift support is useless. They have known about this since Oct 2021 and have done absolutely nothing.

see the treads about zwift amd display drivers, freezing, crashing etc. Well documented issue, but zwift has no interest in looking into. Terrible customer service.


Hi @D_K7, I took a peek at your profile and it looks like you’re probably running into the Intel issue in this topic

Perhaps. Thanks for your suggestion.
I got my new laptop just 6 months ago and I don’t play games, and I won’t be upgrading my system. If Zwift is not compatible then I’ll just not use Zwift.

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Hi @D_K7

It’s understandable and I likely wouldn’t want to upgrade my computer either if I’d bought it only 6 months ago. In your case, I think we’ve identified the issue and for more information and some possible workarounds, I’d like to follow up with you via email and discuss this further.

I noticed you wrote in to our support team some time ago, but it looks like you may have written to the support email address, and those are now auto-closed by the system since we no longer use that email. Instead, we suggest that members contact Zwift support through our support website in order to get technical support.

That being said, I’ll be sending you an email follow-up shortly with more information. Thanks!

This answer is so ridiculous. I had the exact same issue on my main laptop pretty much a year ago. Already back then support could only say “use another laptop” and “some people had success with rolling back drivers”. The point is: “upgrading” the laptop does not help for most models (it’s pretty difficult to avoid intel integrated graphics unless you buy a 15 inch gaming laptop). There is no confirmation yet that 12th gen intel is not affected. Instead one should downgrade to a 9th gen laptop. Or just switch to SYSTM which now has a racing option…

I agree. Zwift is virtually unusable with AMD GPU’s and to see Intel folks have issues too is surprising. I’ve received very poor responses from zwift. They need to freshen up their CS skills a lot. I am done with zwift, going to wahoo.

Hey All,
I had a Microsoft Surface 3 Laptop (10th Gen Intel i5 CPU + Integrated Graphics). Every time new drivers were released I had to roll back the Graphics drivers to March 2020. Eventually I wasn’t able to do so via Intel’s site. Fast forward, I just replaced with a Microsoft Surface 4 Laptop with an AMD Ryzen CPU + Radeon Graphics. ZWIFT is running two days in a row perfectly smooth at 1080P resolution. In addition there are now shadows and lighting effects present that weren’t able to be rendered via the Intel based Surface Laptop. It’s 100% better.