Zwift crash during ride

That’s good that you have no additional anti virus.

I suspect it’s to do with a recent update. If it’s dedicated for Zwift I’d do a reset then and reinstall everything. Shouldn’t take long at all.

You’ll be surprised how much quicker Zwift runs after.

I reset mine every 3-4 months.

If it is only on for zwift check that windows update isn’t running in the background when you use zwift - this messes mine up and makes it stutter a lot and sometimes looks like it is about to crash.

So … PC fully reset, fresh windows, Zwift.
Nvidia drivers up to date.

This morning 5 (five) crash in 2h, I lost 3 different groups ride!!

What the hell is happening Zwift, each release come with more bugs than improvements. I start to be tired of that (and not alone!)

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Hi @Antoine_GOUGEON

Sorry to hear about your crashes. It is definitely not normal.

Can you give us a rundown of your computer specifications.

What did the Windows Crash logs show.

Can you also put one of your log files in and share the link so we can get a better picture of the possible issue.


Hey Gerrie,
This is a link to one of this morning’s crash: Zwiftalizer 2.0
and for the logs : WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Try dropping resolution to 1440.

I’ve seen issues before with this.

Also check the driver version for your graphics card. There are known issues with certain drivers. If you are definitely using the latest one then use an older one.

If you’re using an older one use the newer one.

This too has caused problems.

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I cant see the crash logs.

a screenshot with the crash error should do

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Sorry I don’t use wetransfer.

If it is a dedicated Zwift PC then start by disabling antivirus programs, onedrive and other file sharing apps that my have access to the documents folder.

Completely remove Nvidia drivers and download them from scratch.

Check that you did not change the zwift config files.

I did a fresh install with none of this. No change

Then I am out of ideas, That PC should not crash, I have 3 PC’s running Zwift with specs a lot lower and no crashes.

My main PC crashed twice in 6 years and both times it was Nvidia drivers.

Never crashed before 1.41, “only” power drop while on RJ45 direct connect …

I have had issues with last updated. Yesterday zwift crashed on meetup and today in a group ride too.

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Have you tried my suggestions about dropping the resolution and also changing drivers?

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So couple of tests:

  • lower the resolution >> crashed
  • no firewall, no OneDrive or stuff like that, no anti-virus >> crashed
  • no activities on the Kickr bike v2 (using RJ45 but tried as well the Wifi / can’t use BT too much interferences) during a full day, watching Coco, 30 degrés in the cave >> NO CRASH

So I don’t think that’s related to the graphic card (Coco test) or the network (Coco test) but I suspect the same and always regular issue of Zwift the power drop, but this time not crashing just an internal Zwift routine but the application itself (till the crash issue I didn’t experience any power drop!).

And changing the drivers?

That’s probably the more important part of my suggestion.

Nothing and Coco full day test was a success.

Update on the situation with Zwift. After 2 days and 6h riding on Zwift, no more crashes, so this is what I did.

I’m claiming the points for this fix. :laughing:

Glad it’s sorted.

It didn’t work before DDU, even with an older driver (good to know).