Zwift Console 4k Graphics

I would like Zwift to bring out their own dedicated gaming console to give you high end graphics but all from something like the size of an Apple TV if that was possible at an affordable price, as I bought an Apple tv 4k just for Zwift, I would buy there own device if it gave me the best graphics possible to my TV, not into other types of gaming so buying a gaming pc to me is overkill, I have a newish PC but the graphics are no better than an Apple tv… please make one Zwift

I think you’re out of luck on the console front, but maybe your PC can be improved… tell us all about it if you want any advice. A gaming PC is not needed but a proper GPU is. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. I bought an Nvidia 1050 Ti on eBay and that gets the Ultra graphics profile in Zwift.