Zwift improvement

Good afternoon Zwifters,

I’m new to Zwift and I would like to ask the veterans how can I improve my experience in Zwift. Basically I have my Elite Turbo Muin Smart B+ and my Huawei p20 pro at the moment so based on this starting points what could I add or modify to make it even more interesting?


Good Ride

Could you provide some additional information as to what you don’t, and do, find interesting about Zwift so far? That might help others to point you to things that would help improve your experience.

Hi @Tiago_Cruz, welcome to the forums. I would suggest a decent gaming PC with a good enough video card so you get the ultra graphics profile.

My opinion is @Mike_Rowe_PBR is right on when he says a good gaming PC is the way to go. I use a pretty decent gaming pc and a good gaming monitor and love it.
This link has recommendations for different levels and different devices.

This link tells you how to get the best bang for the buck on a PC buy.

Ride on.

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