Zwift CEO "hints" IPO

Interesting article about Zwift:
Anybody want to buy shares of Zwift?

"You’ve had a lot of private investment, including B-series funding of $120 million - will you IPO?

I think a lot of people look at the success of Peloton and make direct comparisons. They’ve been very successful since their IPO, so it could also be possible for Zwift.

At this time though, we have a great group of investors who understand and believe in our long-term vision.

For now we’re focused on hitting our subscribers targets and developing the product into exciting new areas. The product roadmap spans multiple years which is exciting. There is no shortage of great ideas we need to execute on.

Maybe as a short sale. Honestly, I think they have a long way to go before considering an IPO. IIRC, there hasn’t been a single update this year that hasn’t broken other features and/or created multiple bugs that affect the core game. Zwift would need to step up their QA game big time before going public IMO and start innovating again (or at least fix the long long list of bugs that have been pointed out but not addressed and/or long-standing feature requests).

Just my two cents and I’m sure others will disagree


There was a citation in a recent Barrons article from an analyst who is also a Zwift user, specifically theorizing a September IPO, so there’s some small corroboration. Still seems a long shot IMO but stranger things have happened. Tho it would probably be an opportune time, between a healthy IPO environment and the current popularity (who knows for how long?) of e-sports.

I think Zwift would need to hit a few more milestones, such as the Worlds (Dec 8th) and some Olympic attention (2021) . If they can maintain a serious E-sports network, then they might attract investors in this manner. Also need a better reputation of clearing issues and bugs. Clubs and their popularity will be necessary as well.

Seems like to me the investor community cares very little about what you have described, they seem to only care about subscriber growth and the plan to expand it.