Zwift and Training Peaks

I know its possible to get Training Plans out of TP and into Zwift BUT can it be done the other way round? I use TP to plan out my training but if I use pre-existing Zwift Workouts/Training Plans how do I get them to appear in Training Peaks without having to re-create them or do I just create empty workout plans with just Time and TSS values in them in TP?

Not certain I fully understand your question, but here is what I know: I linked my TP account and my Zwift account. When I do a ride in Zwift (this is true for “just ride” and for workouts), all the data comes across into TrainingPeaks seamlessly. I get all the metrics, the name of the route, the map, etc. If it did not say Zwift, someone would think I’ve actually been riding in London.

What I don’t know is whether you can “pre-load” a Zwift workout into TP so that it appears in your calendar view as an upcoming workout. I have not tried that. You could do it manually.