Zwift - Amgen Tour of California Ride Series

(John Biles) #1

Zwift - Amgen Tour of California Ride Series

I was in the group ride, right next to Monica and when we got to the first village my left turn signal was on like everyone else but my bike turned right to the volcano.  I tried to turn around but it would not let me so I kept going until it started taking me up the volcano so I exited the group ride, turned around, and finished the course by my self.  Did the program kick me out because i did something wrong?  I feel bad because I had to the quite to get back on course.  Felt like I did something wrong when it started me up the steep volcano climb because I remember seeing a message that Zwift would make program changes when riders numbers do not align with Zwift during group rides.

(David Wells) #2

This happen to me just now, in the same exact spot!

I exit the simulator thinking I could hop back into the game and be placed within the group. I was not.