Zwift Academy Road Finalist [2022]

Zwift Academy Road is one of our biggest events that allow Zwifters to compete for a once in a lifetime opportunity at a pro contract with the Alpecin-Deceuninck men’s team or the CANYON//SRAM women’s team. We are so excited to announce that the finalists for Zwift Academy Road have been selected!

Women’s Finalists:

Alex Morrice - Great Britain
Chiara Doni - Italy
Nele Laing - Germany
Liz Van Houweling - America
Elena Wu-Lang - America

Men Finalists:

Cooper Sayers - Australia
Luca Vergallito - Italy
Lucas Hoffman - Australia
Jasper Paridaens - Belgium
Will Lowden - Great Britain

Want to learn more about the finalist? Check out their bios on the Zwift Academy Road main page.

This year, Zwift Academy Road Finals will be returning to GCN so you can watch the excitement as the finalists compete for their spot on CANYON//SRAM Racing women’s team or Alpecin-Deceuninck men’s team. Stay tuned for details on how to watch each episode beginning December 13, 2022.

@manda_F I don’t see anything at that link about the ZA finalists. Maybe still working on that? Also, would you be able to edit the original post to include each ZA finalist’s country?

I might be mistaken, but I thought that existing professionals could not be chosen… Cooper Sayers looks like he has a pro badge in Zwift, meaning he is a UCI pro.

This post has been updated with the correct link to the finalist page and each finalist’s country :slight_smile:

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Oh man, I was soooo close! /s

But seriously, congrats to the finalists!

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Me too. Who’d have thought that being 54 and unfit would count against me?!?

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Contenders cannot be from a World Tour or UCI ProTeam. UCI Continental is OK though apparently. Sayers is on the Saint Piran team which is UCI Continental.

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One week left until ZA Road Finals airs Dec 13, 2022 on the GCN YouTube page!!! Stay tuned for more information on where to watch the excitement!!!

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Tomorrow is the big day and the trailer is live! You can check out the trailer on GCN’s Youtube:

Go Liz! I-O-WA Represent! :smiley:

EDIT: Wait, is Liz out of the competition? Last official finalists page I saw still listed her, but there are only 4 women competing now :frowning: