Zwift Academy Program

I have been following the Zwift Academy program. My FTP is 236. Going well. To cut a long story short there is one session at the end of Month 1 that seems ridiculously hard. It has me doing 2 minute pieces above 370 wtts. I fail. Can’t pedal at that wattage … not for that length of time.

Nothing in Months ‘2’ ‘3’ or the Semi-Finals program ask for anything like this ( they rarely ask me to go above 300) and some of those workouts talk about being ‘hard’ and you might ‘fail’ first time. Should I be trying to do this program called ‘Extended Overs and Unders’ in Month 1 or is it some corrupted file ?

Has anyone else had trouble with this particular session at the end of ‘Month 1’ ?



Hi Genevieve,

I know you are talking about #9. That workout is incredibly hard and became quite notorious in the ZA Community. The coaches put it in there to really test the participants because after all, it was a competition to find a World Tour pro talent. Do not be discouraged by not passing that segment, it probably was the hardest 2 minutes in the entire series.

Kudos to you for doing the ZA workouts! It’s a great program and you will see significant gains by completing it! Keep your eyes out, ZA is coming back with all new workouts later this year. 

Ride On!

Kate Veronneau, Zwift Academy Community Champion

Thanks Kate. I have copied it and modified it a little. Can manage 285 watts for 2 min then escalate to 320 for 2 minutes but then I am out of play. Will probably try and doing it once every 10 - 12 days and see if I can build on it.