Zwift Academy FTP

It is advised to do a Ramp FTP test before completing ZA. My FTP was at 225Watts. I completed the ZA and was happy when I completed.

I had 3 days rest before I did another FTP test, and did the long version of the 20minutes. I finished with a new FTP 208.

For some reason I lost 17Watts. Gutted is not the word how I feel.

Anyway, if anyone shed some light on this subject please do?

Two different tests can result in different results.

You could be fatigued from all the training.

Thank Gerrie, as I thought so I am going to use my last test for the zones.

If you were able to complete all the Zwift Academy workouts (without changing the “bias” downward whilst cycling), then your starting FTP was fairly accurate (if not low). If you found that you had to drop your exercise bias during your Academy workouts in order to successfully complete each interval (with a gold star), then your starting FTP estimate was probably erring to the high side. Perform the same FTP format evaluation (in the same rested state) after every 500-1000 km (monthly?) to zero accurately…

Wes, thank you for your advice. I started with Ftp 225, and had all good star all the way through ZA. I must be fatigue