ZP Category change due to a wrong login

My son used my zwift login to participate to a ride. My zwiftpower has been upgraded from category “C” to “C almost B”. How could I removed/cancelled the ride?
Thanks for your help.
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Hi @Mickael_FOUGERES_BIK - welcome to the forums.

You could ask the ZwiftPower team to void that particular event in ZP. But looking at the numbers your son recorded in that event, you may well have jumped up a CE category as well. Check your CE Cat in your zwift.com profile and if it has also bumped up, include that to be reset in your request. Flick the request to zwiftpower@zwift.com with full details (event id, your ZP ID and “what happened”).

Hi Dean,
Thanks a lot. That’s a good news. I hope there will have no impact for ZRL tomorrow.
What do you mean by “CE CAT”? Is it the “suggested category” below the “fitness”?

Right, so you are Cat B for CE events. CE is the newer Cat system that that runs parallel with the ZP system and some events you have done recently appear to use that system (TFC Mad Monday - according to their description). They are closely aligned but use different metrics so whilst you can still enter ZP Cat C events, you cant enter CE Cat C (you’d have to race up a cat).

I don’t believe ZRL uses CE so you should be good for that.

Thanks a lot :wink:

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@Mickael_FOUGERES_BIK just thought I’d mention, since it wasn’t before, that “CE” stands for Zwift Category Enforcement. If you’re not familiar with it the just do a Google search…lots of info on it out there now. I think there’s even a link in that section of your profile that you took the image of that provides some explanation…in blue, where it says “More info”.

Hi Dean,
I wrote a mail to zwiftpower@zwift.com.
Unfortunatly, they didn’t accept to reset/cancel the ride :frowning:

Oh that is annoying (understatement). When zwift took over zp they said they would continue to do this (and they have) and more recently they have said they can now can do resets for CE misdemeanours and errors as well. In fact saw a reset for a user in the last day day or so.

Not sure what to say Mickael except this isn’t usual for Zwift when it’s such an obvious error.

@James_Zwift would you be able to look at this and either confirm this is now policy (so people like me don’t give false hope) or just a case of left hand and right hand getting a bit confused? ZP user 3404306. Thx. Admittingly I may be missing something.

Edit: @Mickael_FOUGERES_BIK this probably isn’t a big deal for your ZP category as you don’t look to be threatening Cat B (sorry, bit harsh). But the non WTRL events you have done with CE will be impacted and starting at the bottom of a Cat when you dont belong there will be soul destroying.

We’re definitely doing resets when it’s reasonable to do so.

These numbers with your weight of 85kg do not put you in CE Cat B.

I see your son rode at 60kg. Had he put in any new PBs in watts for the key times being used by Zwift for CE then this would affect the average weight being used in the CE calculation.

Although your son had a good ride compared to his weight I don’t believe any of his power numbers were better than any of yours. So if I understand correctly his weight should not come into play.

However if after he rode you didn’t reset the weight to your weight and you put in a free ride with any new personal best that would have affected your CE calculation.

Within the lower part of your CE information you will see some Peak Power numbers. If you click on ‘More Info’ you can see on which days your PBs were set. If any of them were set yesterday (16/1/2023) then these might have been set at your son’s 60kg. [you can tell by the date but also by dividing your peak power watts by w/kg figure]

As an aside (possibly) your ZwiftPower power graph just looks wrong. The power numbers from 1:30 to 22 min don’t show your best figures - I don’t know why or how to fix.

Look for ranking races at ZwiftRacing Events

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I imagine there’s a bit of a conundrum for Zwift. With CE there will likely be more users who’ve been using one account for multiple people, and get a bit caught out when weights are switched and w/kg goes wacky and Cat assignments change. Zwift either resets/fixes each issue, which in a way acknowledges that multiple riders can use one account; or they don’t correct the issue and thereby incentivize users to subscribe and pay for multiple accounts.

Honestly, I don’t think that’s a consideration at all.

I observe that your zMAP is not very far above your zFTP. For comparison, my zFTP is currently 238W and zMAP is 312W. It’s possible that if you plan to do a real zMAP kind of effort (eg, a ride where the only goal is to set a 3 minute power record) you may find that zFTP goes down and possibly shifts you into C category. When I did that it lowered my zFTP by about 20W.

Dear lan,

I reseted the weight to my weight just after my son’s ride.

I have a look on CE information. There is no activity registered to 16/01.
If I well understood, it means my son is not responsible to my CE category change.

If you divide your watts by w/kg you will see the ride weights they give are all over the place:
5s 64.2kg
15s 68.0kg
1m 78.5kg
3m 72.6kg
5m 78.8kg
12m 78.3kg
20m 75.8kg
30m 84.7kg

Nothing like you real weight of 85kg other than 30min. I would expect a few minor rounding issues but not this many. I think all of mine are within about 0.1kg of the ride weight in force at the time of the PB.

I think something is going on with the calculations and it might somehow be related to letting somebody else ride at a large weight difference - but I don’t know how or why.

Link below is very similar. I think you will need Zwift support to look at and sort out.