ZMAP category limit changes June 2023

There is value to be transparent. Else you don’t know is it a bug or is it correct.

But if there really ends up being a bug (and there rarely is after seeing so many queries asked/answered), how likely is it that the bug only applies to 1 person, or whether it’s universally applied and global (and therefore a non-issue on a relative basis)?

Don’t know, but I assisted riders that have to contact Zwift directly when 20 min power was changed to CE because their changes was off.

Currently how your power is calculated can be off, depending which number you increase it can lead to a decrease in either your zMAP or zFTP. So a net gain, can result in lower numbers, while a net lose in certain area on the power curve and results in an increase. Very counter intuitive.

But it is still not a bug it is just how the formula work and it work the same for every single person.

Zwift only have to qualify the code for a thousand different options and let he code do the heavy lifting, tat is how codes work.

We’re moving discussion to an older idea… Zwift could remove (hide) the numbers used in the formulas, but change the cat cutofffs randomly every so often (every other week/day/month?) by a few percent (+/- here or there).

If it’s too difficult to build a platform for community organizers to set custom cat boundaries on an event by event basis, then Zwift can do it universally for everyone and every event on a random basis with frequency.

Can you imagine joining a series and you can only race 70% of the time because the imaginary line moves in and out the your range every few weeks?

It would move for you and everyone else like you. All you’d need to know is that you have been assigned a minimum category with others that are in your range.

For the record this is how Zwift changed the zMAP values

and these are the previous and the current ratios:

You are welcome to join TFC Mad Monday races, Gerrie. We have totally custom boundaries with both zMAP and zFTP applied. We also have (slightly) different ratios of zMAP / zFTP as well. All zFTP and zMAP boundaries are non-rounded; I’m pretty sure no one will be able to know where the new Mad Monday boundary limits are.


I think this should be updated on the 14th.

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yeah the zwift site is now showing 90 days

Is there a place to view other rider’s zMAP values? I see zFTP on, but don’t see zMAP on any website or source.

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Yes, on the WTRL website… I kid you not :rofl:

can you view anyone’s? i didn’t bother looking further than my own teams

As far as I know, you can only see your ZRL teammates. I was thinking it could be helpful to see any rider in my club.