Proposed ZwiftHQ 1min and 5min Race Cats

I noticed today that ZP have added a section which shows your % of the proposed limits that ZHQ are seeking to impose on race cats.

I think - if my maths is right and it may not be - that for my cat (Cat C) the proposed limits are:

1 min w/kg = 6.8
5 min w/kg = 3.7
ZP FTP (ie 95% 20min power) = 330

Now, what combination of these you need to get a cone, a choc ice or a punch in the face I don’t know.

Anyone else done the maths in their cat or can shed any light?

I would also like to find out more.

It seem like finding your correct category is getting more difficult. Racers had a had time just figuring out how to calculate w/kg based on 95% of the best 20 min.
Now they have to calculate 1 minute and 5 minute that is making things very complex.

Or is the idea you ride where you want and hope not to get coned. Or should everyone now join ZP so that ZP calculate your correct category.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to look at a rider’s last 8 weeks FTP and use the average of the best 3 and put the rider in that category.

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I think I got it wrong Gerrie - I think the % on ZP are percentiles of the cat not % of the max. So if I’m at 86% of 1min power that just means I’m in the bottom 14%. So the cats appear to be relative.

I could be completely wrong.

And long term we will move to points rankings I’m sure

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A rider’s 1 min, 5 min and 20 min power might be different such that someone who is considered an “A” in short efforts is a lower Cat in a 20-min effort. I am one such example. Being a puncheur rider, I am able to produce high power for short durations, but holding a strong steady pace for longer periods is really hard for me. My estimate is that my 1 and 5 min power puts me about 2 Cats above my 20 min power. I don’t train using FTP nor do I do FTP tests, so I have no idea. Also, I haven’t raced in Zwift in 18 months, so it will be interesting to see where I fall with the new parameters. Right now ZP is estimating my numbers from group rides and not races.

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