Zift Planned workouts to Training Peaks - how to do that?


I m using training peaks to get my peak for competition, and also anticipate fitness and fatigue in advance.
I want to follow some Zwift plan and integrate the training in Training peaks, before it happens, as a planned training.
It is really interesting cause Zwift is able to know the fatigue / tss generated by each training (cause it is based on FTP).

Can someone help me to do that?

It will help me to build a plan with Zwift plan + other activities (running, swimming) and anticipate tss / fatigue and peak for competitions


You can find out the TSS for each workout in Zwift and then add a workout in Training Peaks with that planned value. Then when you do the workout you should see the completed value in TP.

I’ve stopped using Zwift’s workouts and rolling my own in Training Peaks. With the workout builder in TP I can create a workout, put it in my calendar. Then in Zwift I can see the planned workout and choose it.

Both of these features require you to sync Zwift with Training Peaks.