Z power

Let’s face it if you really want to race get out and in a race . You won’t stop the cheats . So stop thinking because you won a race you’re the best . It,ll never be accurate you cannot police it . however you can can see your individual improvement that’s all that matters . I think z power is ok it’s gives people the chance to try it at little cost . And maybe like me you enjoy it and then get a smart trainer. Just because everyone is using a smart trainer doesn’t mean they’re not cheating.

Welcome to the forum.
I agree that what is important is that people feel welcomed and give things a try.
They also should develop an idea of how their actions affect others.

Z power in racing is one such area.
I seldom see Z power racers anymore so it’s not that big a deal.
Z power is very inaccurate.
Now that would not be such a big deal if it was consistently inaccurate but it is not.
It is inconsistently inaccurate so it makes the effort , as compared to others (ie racing effort), wrong.

Wrong power in a race, affects the experience of the race for others.

Try it out, sure.
But then realize you are contributing to a problem.
The problem is inaccurate power in e races.
It may never be perfect but there are things we can do to make it better.

Not using Z power is one of those things.