Your Week Ahead Emails Discontinued?

Has anyone noticed that the ‘Your Week Ahead’ emails have been discontinued? I used to get them, but now I don’t and have not changed my notification preferences. They were helpful to me in planning my rides and would like to see them return.

I still get them.

Last received 3rd March

I find Zwift emails to be incredibly sporadic, I’ll get a few then nothing for months.

They might have gone into your spam?

Thanks for confirming that the emails still exist. Just need to figure out why I seem to be off the distribution list. Have checked spam…not there.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Will keep my fingers crossed that one day they’ll just show up agin.

Great thought & thanks for the suggestion - but checked there before posting.

Did you also checked if your provider has a spam filter? The most don’t, but I once had one who used it, I saw these emails in webmail only and had to change the settings manually.

Thanks for your suggestion. I reached out to Zwift and they’re going to add me back to the distribution list

Just received this weeks…

Me too
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Thanks for the update! I’ve reached out to Zwift and they’re adding back to their distribution list.