"Your best" never shown

At the end of a ride, I’ve never seen “your best” fields populated. I asked about this when I first started the beta, almost a year ago, and was told I needed to link my Strava account. I did so, but I’m still not seeing my best power intervals at the end of my ride.

Is there a way to fix this?

Hey, Mike.

We are aware of the issue with ‘your best’ totals not showing. Unfortunately, we are a fairly small studio, and much more of our time is being put into developing new features and fixing more impactful issues. Rest assured we will get to it, and though the timeline is uncertain, it is on our radar.

Ride on!

Any updates on this?   Looks like it was last discussed two years ago and this is happening to me and my friend

I’ve heard nothing further, Frederick. It’s a pretty fundamental bug. The “more impactful” fix I’ve seen is raising the price of membership.


Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of response here!

What you’re seeing on the your best totals is invalid power numbers. We’ve narrowed down some of the causes of these, and are still working on resolving all of them, but on the bright side, we now have a way for you to reset these so they will start tracking again.

To reset them, navigate to your Documents/Zwift folder and locate the folder labeled cp. Deleting this folder will reset your power curve and the your best tracking numbers. Please be aware it will also reset the tracking for any other users that Zwift on that device.