Yo-yo effect of rider / camera

I’m experiencing a really unpleasant yo-yo effect where the rider surges forward away from the camera (or maybe the camera moves backward) every second or so. It’s causing big problems with motion sickness and the only solution is to set the camera to first-person view.

Here’s a link to a short YouTube video showing the problem:

My power and cadence were constant when this happened, and while I thought it was associated with other riders it continued happening when I was by myself on the course.

Zwiftalizer shows a constant 60FPS (RTX 2080) and no network or bluetooth dropouts. Any ideas?

Any chance you could do a similar video, but with all of the screen ‘stuff’ turned on (watts, cadence, minimap, etc.)? It looks like you’re in the rooftops section of Neokyo and my experience is that there are a number of gradient changes along this portion of ‘road’. I have also noticed that the camera ‘zoom’ in this view changes a bit depending on rider speed. So, it’s possible that the zoom is just changing along with your speed, but I can’t really tell that without seeing the stats during the video.

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Hi. I think it is normal on cameras 1 and 2 when downhills or at higher speeds but, yes (+1) it is a little bit annoying. And it is even worst on tight turns, as those descending Alpe du Zwift i.e.
I would ask a more cinematic camera behavior there.

Explanation and mitigation here: Strange camera behaviour at 60 FPS on PC - #6 by Dave_ZPCMR

PS: Your 2080 will be barely breaking a sweat on Neokyo. The frame rate drops are because lots of areas in Makuri (particularly Neokyo) are massively CPU bound. The 2-3fps dips happen everywhere though and anyone using a 60Hz display will see this odd visual effect as a result. Capping at 61fps does good job of reducing it.