Workouts in training plan completed automatically


I am having this issue (or feature that I don’t understand) with one of the training plans. Fast Track Fitness in this case.

There are 8 workouts in this plan and the last two are Wave Rider and Emily’s Short Mix (ESM).

The first time I did the plan, I completed 7 workouts (Wave Rider is 7th) and the whole plan got marked as completed even though I didn’t even touch ESM. So the plan got closed with 7/8 stars.

Then I did other plan and returned to Fast Track Fitness
This time I decided to go through the 6 initial workouts, then do ESM, and finish with Wave Rider, thinking it may be a bug of some sort.

Again, after completing 7 workouts plan got closed with 7/8 stars and this time Wave Rider not completed.

I didn’t run of time. Actually I was way ahead of the plan doing 4 workouts a week.
Other plans like Build Me Up Lite do not have this problem.

Can anyone explain this to me ?