Workout skip-to-next-block long press

Twice now I’ve meant to hit pause on the android companion app, and I inadvertently hit skip-to-next-block.

Could that button be reprogrammed so it takes a long press, (not unlike the long press for a U-Turn), or second press after a confirm requested action prompt?



Seconded! I’ve done this at least twice. It seems to me that if the end-workout and u-turn buttons are long-press buttons, the skip-to-next-block workout should be as well… Especially for workouts that are one large block. Since I’m the only other one commenting here, I doubt it’s going to get much attention, though.

What I would like better than this is the ability to go back one block and repeat a degenerative if a workout. This would solve much of the problem if you inadvertently skip forward but also sometimes I want to repeat a segment, like if I’m feeling particularly good or strong that day or if I get interrupted and get off my bike and then get back on.