Workout repeat to exhaustion

I was doing the Mitochondria #2 workout this morning. during the 10x3 block I was estimating my average power (more on that later) seeing if I can stay within 10% of my second (2 of 10) reperition, knowing that if I can’t hold 10% anymore then I have reached exhaustion. But I did not, in fact, the last repetition was just as good as the first one so i could have done more.

This made me think, what if we can set up a repetitive block that will have you continue until you can’t reach 90% of the second repetition. That way you can get the most benefit of your training.

I know zwift can show average power in workouts, it will be nice if workouts like this utilize that feature.

One more thing.
The other option altho not as nice as this one would be if we could skip back in the workout, that way I could do 3 or more repetitions. This has been asked before. Repeat interval option in workout mode- not just skip them?

A repeat interval button would be nice.

As a work around, I just push the “E” button to get me back to the workouts.
The current workout will already be selected then I quickly “TAB” thru the intervals to get to the desired one.