Workout Library (legacy view) doesn't match Companion App [March 2024]

Tried to do the “Anaerobic Capacity 1min & 2 min” workout during a club-meetup yesterday. I selected this workout based on the list (VO2 max workouts) in the Companion App, but to my surprice and of all the other participants, the workout was not to be found in Zwift, at least not in the VO2 max folder.
So we had to find a alternative in the last moment.
Not a big problem, but it’s kind a sily, that you can “find” workouts in the companion app, but can not find them in Zwift.
Why are the libraries not the same?

On a side note: it would be nice if you could search workouts in Zwift, for maybe the “Anaerobic Capacity 1min & 2 min” workout can be found in Zwift, but at the moment I wouldn’t know where.

Another workout that’s in the lib. but not in Zwift

VO2 Max - AC Intervals #1


PLEASE fix this, what’s the use of a workout library on the companion app if you can’t find the choosen workout in Zwift???

Hello @Gi_Go! Thank you for flagging this up. I was able to reproduce what you were running into on my own setup and I’ve flagged this up at HQ. I had to alter the title of this a little bit for clarity. AC Intervals #1, Anaerobic Capacity 1min & 2min, and Anaerobic Endurance 4 x 60sec are all available in the VO2 Max workout collection in ZC (both in My List and in Workout explorer). They’re also all available in the VO2 Max workout collection in Zwift game, as long as you are looking for them from the workout screen in the home screen UI, or you’ve added them to your For You carousel using My List.

The workouts you listed are missing from the list in Zwift if you try to select them from the legacy workout list in the in-activity “pause” menu. There are a few places (including the pause menu) where the legacy workout screen still appears in Zwift, so I think this explains why this has not been more widely reported.

Thank you again for reporting this.