Workout and Event

There are workouts that come up as events each day. How can one find those specific workouts in the training section if the time for that workout does not fit your schedule and you want to ride it later?

If a Zwift library standard workout like “Ham Sandwich” you can find in the workouts tab or search them at the link below and do them whenever you want. These workouts are marked with the Zwift logo in companion app.

If it’s a custom workout sponsored by a cycling club or sponsor, such SZR or Team Italy group workouts, you generally will not be able to do them on your own later.

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Thank you for the tip. Do you know if there is a way to search in the zwift app as you are about to select a ride or do you have to search in advance on the website to find the name of the workout and then find it in the list of ones in the app?

I don’t use Zwift workouts much but from what I recall, unfortunately, I don’t think you can do a real “search” with all the bells and whistles in the app. The workouts are organized by duration, type, etc, but I don’t believe there is a search field with sort filters like on the website.