Zwift newbie- Can I search for events?

Newish to Zwift and really loving it- but I am finding the events page confusing. I appreciate the filters are quite helpful, but if I wanted to search for say a women’s only ride or specific workout or a sponsored ride like Training Peaks or Betty Designs- in order to help with planning upcoming rides, I can’t seem to do it without having to scroll through pages of planned events.  Is there a search function anywhere or plans for one? Thanks so much and keep up the awesomeness!

You can search group workouts here:

Don’t know how to search races or group rides. Some of the rides/races have websites for the sponsoring organization/club that might have schedules?

Maybe you can ask to implement a searchable page for races and group rides like they do for group workouts?

As above. It’s the only one i’ve managed to find.