Searchable Events Calendar

There are so many events now that it is really difficult to find one, even if you know what you’re looking for. I would love to see a searchable database of events. Maybe not in ZML, but at least via web browser (and please include the ability to join, and to create a personal calendar, through the web interface!). It would be great you could filter not only by race category and time of day, but by date, women’s or juniors-only, by team, by length of time or distance, TSS (for workouts), run vs. bike, group workout vs. group ride vs. race vs. challenge event, by route, etc.

Try this -


It’s a wee bit helpful, Ray, but it doesn’t differentiate between rides, races and workouts, nor does it allow you to find workouts with particular intensities or lengths. Say I want a tough <60-minute group workout on Monday or Tuesday … I have no way to find one without scrolling and scrolling, and then clicking on likely-looking event titles to check the duration and description of each one. Nor do I have any way to join such an event, or to see that I have already joined a Tuesday evening race.

Agreed.  It’s a bit more helpful though.  I’d like more detailed info on the workouts as well.  Having used TrainerRoad and ErgVideo for years I’d like to see the “graph” of what I’m expected to do.

Some additional information, filtering and search options have been added to It now shows distance and duration, and lets you filter by text in the name to make it easier to isolate e.g. workouts

Thanks for this Jesper, see you "on the road:.

Oh, and it would be very nice to be able to see at least a thumbnail bar graph of the intervals for workouts.

This may be what Miranda is referring to specifically. I believe this one added feature would be a big help when trying to choose a group workout. I understand the workouts are “sponsored” by professional trainers who have developed their own training workouts outside of Zwift and perhaps that is why we cannot gain access to a workout profile, but it should be possible - even mandatory - to add it to the workout module in order to lead a group workout. If they are there, why not just add a link to the profile so we can preview the workout in advance?

Agreed, if possible. As a long time user of both TrainerRoad and ErgVideo I like to see “what I’m getting in to”.

I want to search the list of events for a string. For example, for “BikeRadar” in order to find events for the BikeRadar mission. Otherwise, finding the right events is difficult and hit-or-miss at best.

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