Work-out en mode pente

Work-outs in ERG are very good… but I would like to be able to program them also in “% slope” so that our brain decides on the power.
It is very interesting to have the 2 systems and it is terribly lacking on zwift.

Thank you very much for all your work.

Les Work-out en mode ERG c’est très bien… mais j’aimerais bien pouvoir en programmer aussi en mode " % de pente" pour que ce soit notre cerveau qui décide de la puissance.
C’est très intéressant d’avoir les système et ça manque terriblement sur zwift.

Merci beaucoup pour tout votre travail.


I don’t understand what you are asking for with this request. The workout segment is what determines the power output. And if you want to have the % slope in the workout, and then just adjust your gearing/pedaling to account for the slope, can’t you just do your workouts NOT in ERG mode?