Ability to change slope while in workout mode

Here is an example what I mean:  I like to do the occasional neuromuscular workout leveraging the full capabilities of my smart-trainer.  So, I have used software that allows me to set up a workout using slope over given time.  Here is what the workout might look like, with this sample workout lasting 40 minutes and 50 seconds:

  1. Ten minute warm-up, with the slope gradually increasing form 0 to 1 degree.

  2. Five minutes at a slop of 0 degrees.

  3. Five seconds at a slope of -5 degrees. (Sprint!!!) 

  4. Five seconds at a slope of 10 degrees. (Keep Sprinting!!!)

Numbers 2,3 and 4 repeated five times

  1. Five minute cool down at a slope of 0 degrees.

This type of workout mode opens the opportunity for different types of training, and I’d love to see it implemented in Zwift.

This is exactly what I was hoping for using Zwift, and have been hugely disappointed that this can not be set up as you suggest!   This is the number one type of workout I want to use on Zwift  when I can not get to the velodrome.  I hope somebody is listening! 


Another vote for the ability to add slope when making workouts.

When doing intervals this would be good when having to do sprints on a smart trainer. 

Doesn’t Erg mode essentially do this?  You specify wattage, not slope.  There are a bunch of preset workouts already.  I believe you can create your own as well.



Douglas P,
Workout doesn’t do this yet. If you enter a wattage, it will hold you at this wattage no matter how fast or slow you go.
With a slope setting, it would be the same as going no up a hill or pedaling against a strong head wind.
Hard you push, the higher the resistance.
This would be good for some sprint or hill climbing workouts.