With all the little annoyances, Zwift is still life changing

Started a keto diet and bumped my zwift up to 1 hr a day for 4 days a week. I am down over 60lbs in just over 3 months!


Good job @Scott_Pisciotta

Congrats @Scott_Pisciotta

I added this thread to #HumbleBrag also

Keto works great for me too! Way to go!

Nice work, Scott.

Lost lots on keto but my cholesterol went through the roof so sadly have had to bin it.

Can’t do Keto here either. Tried it for a week or two, lost a lot of water weight (1g carb ties up 2-3 grams of water). But also, my cholesterol went way up, which is a no-no since I’m borderline on that anyway. I also have to question the sustainability long term of that type of diet. It can have long term effect on kidneys, and at some point you have to cycle off of it.

What is Keto?
I started Zwift in Nov 2018, after done a lot of RL riding in summer 2018. More than ever in my life. And I started Intervall Diet. Which means, I eat supper at about 8pm and then eat nothing till dinner at about 1pm the next day.
I lost 10kg over the winter 2018/2019.
Downside is, you need to buy a lot of new clothes :smiley:

Not to get technical with it, Keto is a very low carb diet - less than 20g of carbohydrates per day. It puts your body into ketosis, which supposedly burns fat in lieu of carbohydrates. It pretty much makes you feel like dirt the first few days (“carb-flu”), as your body adjusts to fewer sugars in your system, but it can result in quick weight loss if you stick with it long enough.

Recommended eats for this diet are meats, nuts, veggies, etc. No bread. No soft drinks. No pasta. No sweets. Basically, it’s walking death…

Okay, this is called in germany low-carb diet or Atkins diet.
This is here proven to be unhealthy with a big jojo effect.

Good deal, thanks for the input. I will just throw those 65lbs back on to be healthier


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Yea i modified it with fasting. I have a cup of coffee in the AM, do zwift for an hour (alpe twice a week) on a controllable Kinetic. I eat dinner at 6PM and snack at 10 PM. Current theory is doing hard zwift on an empty stomach really helps burn fat because there is literally no energy in the body except the fat.