Wider field of view option for Alpe du Zwift climb

Love Alpe du Zwift - great simulation of a great climb. But one thing that you lose vs. the real thing (apart from the stench of burning clutch!) is the majestic view!    Obviously in real life you can easily look around and soak up the sights for the hour you’re suffering, but it would be good if there was some way to allow us to enjoy Zwift’s lovely visuals a bit more on the way up the sufferfest?   Yes I know you can select different camera angles, but none of them really gives that “panoramic look around you and enjoy” sensation.  

Could there be simply a wider field of view which is the default when you start the climb? 



Have you tried pressing the 0 key on the numeric keyboard (if you’re running Zwift on a computer). This puts you panaramic mode. You can then rotate your view and up and down using the 4 cursor keys. This then allows some zoomed out views where you can enjoy the views.

To add to what Nigel said, you can then also use + and - keys to zoom in and out while in panoramic view mode.

I also think that enabling helicopter (or blimp) view mode gives some epic views which you can’t achieve in panoramic mode.

Thanks both - I did not know you could rotate the view or zoom in and out in panoramic mode - will give that a try!