Why not try to add track cycling to the game?

It could be really cool with track cycling as a thing in the game where you can play alone or with several on a track that will be cool. perhaps further develop something reminiscent of it. Does not have to be the wild stuff.

But as a cool addition you could make a box or a nice remote that runs with the trainer or Ant + or with bluetooth for the handlebars where you can choose the different maneuvers that you can out on the track just like in reality realized for track races? :slight_smile:

sorry for my english tho xD

You should search for Zwift Velodrome on. The forums. There is a fairly lengthy thread on the topic.

As someone who raced track for a number of years, though, I don’t really get the appeal within Zwift. Part of the challenge of track racing is that it’s on a fixed gear bike, which you really don’t have (or can’t enforce) in Zwift. And I think having multi-speed bikes on a track would kind of defeat the purpose. Just my opinion. You’ll find lots of other thoughts in that thread.

you are saying something right. could just be a little Cool with a vibe of trackracing <3