Why are you not enforcing Category Upgrades in Zwift Power

Hi. I manage 3x teams in the new ZRL league. We have just completed the first round of races. On completion I have reviewed a number of the top finishers and they are clearly exceeding the WPK on thier ZP account in B Cat. One guy is showing a 4.7wpk in B category! Within the last 2 months this same guy has put in a 4.7 wpk adv on 2 races but is still classed as a B cat rider.?.

Is this not what ZP was supposed to weed out. It used to be simple contact Sticky and all sorted…

I can give you the individuals ZP account on request.

Look forward to your reply.

I can’t see the riders in question but in order to be upgraded you need to exceed BOTH w/kg AND 20 min watts. I’m not saying that all riders do this but some riders set their weight so slow to give them huge w/kg but since they never exceed the 20 min watts metric they will stay as a B rider. I race against 60+ aged riders that are over 5’9” tall and weigh less than 130lbs in Zwift. Usually these guys are using fake names and never link to Strava.

Why spend valuable time and money on racing when people are crying out for left-handed avatars?


It will be helpful if you post the link to zp

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It’s something that should have been addressed years ago. I hate it but I don’t think it’s ever going to change.

https://zwiftpower.com/viewtopic.php?f=506&t=12709 if dont Yell it at Zwift. there not going to do it. case in point. June was long time ago now. 1st started to talk about roll it out. WE need the Green cone of Shame.

lots of zwifter dont read the rule book very well. have to be force into the Green cone of shame to get it the point a cross, that there doing bad.

The madness of Zwift. They can prevent men from joining women’s races/rides. They can prevent the common folk from joining their special exclusive top tier races. But they can’t stop someone with an FTP of 4.0w/kg from joining a D cat race.


Set your Zwift weight 37.5kg keep your FTP under 160 watts and you are going to be a 4.0 w/kg D racer in Zwift.
My point is you can’t just look at the w/kg of the leaderboard because the wattage ftp also matters. And remember it’s 95% of your best 3 races in the last 90 days.
To upgrade from D to C you need to exceed 2.5 w/kg AND 150 watts.