High w/kg in the lowest category?

on my race today (cat D.)i checked the winner and this guy had a 3,7 w/kg average. he had a lot of winings on the Cat D and most of them with w/kg above 3. how is it possible that he is still on the cat D and not upgraded? funny think is that shows he his 45kg, which is probably a kid, or the oposite of sandbaging ?P

There is a minimum Wattage required to be upgraded from D to C. This often keeps light weight riders in a lower category. Also, a rider’s category may not be up to date on their ZwiftPower profile, so if they got upgraded you may not know right away.

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interesting. i was checking and this kid won ca. 18 races and 1 in the Cat C even.
they should create a Cat F. :stuck_out_tongue:
i thought that the category would change based on the last 60 days AVG. in that case is being almost an year with w/kg higher than 3. this is weird.
it might be trolling as it showed also a weight of 30kg a year ago. this would be like a 10 years old kid

this kid would still need to be over 150 watts to get upgraded to C, and at 45kg and over 3 w/kg they should be getting close

As long as the rider’s zFTP Watts is below 150 he can race in forever D regardless of the W/kg. But he’s really close to getting upgraded since zFTP currently shows 149W.

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