Which Power Meter for schwinn spin bike ic8

Hey guys, im new on Zwift, my bike will be received on tuesday. Now i search a power meter to use it on zwift. which one is the best? do i need a Favero Assioma uno for 500 euro? or is a cheaper like 4iiii power meter, Stages Powermeter enough? or do you have other solutions i want to do races. For a quick and helpful answer I would be very grateful

Hi @Patrick_Koppitz

This should help you.

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Thanks a lot. One last question maybe you can help me, i will buy the Favero Assioma but is their a big difference between the uno and duo Favero Assioma pedals for zwift races? are the duos much better?

That will depend on your budget. Yes due is better because it look at both legs and will give the most correct power number.

The single will only take one leg and double the number, so if that leg is the stronger than the power will be higher and the opposite if the leg is weaker.

ok thanks a lot again^^ as a student its difficut but i will buy the due

make sure the pedal thread size is compatible on the schwinn bike, not sure if it is standard size, if not then the pedals won’t fit. :grimacing:

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Buy the Duo; you will not regret.