Which DD Trainer?

Just watch out for the extremely fragile top cap spacer behind the freehub body if you switch the end caps for QR or TA. If you over tighten it, it blows up on the backside of the freehub and locks it up.

I hope so! H4 - gets rid of the “top cap spacer”, adds hardwired connection option and gives more space for the RD so the cage doesn’t hit the body of the trainer when in the biggest cog.

I have the Garmin Neo2T and I love it, the road feel is great, I personally love gravel biking outside. I like the connectivity, it works. I happen to have great luck with Garmin products. I tend to ride after work, and during days off I either gravel ride on single track mountain bike trails, or road ride climbing. My preference for climbing outside is about 3500 feet. I find climbing in Zwift on the Neo is harder than climbing outside. But I also I think that I ride faster on Zwift than in real life. I have tracked my heart rate, and I can say that in the real world, on gravel, my heart rate is generally higher than on the trainer. Overall, I like Zwift, I think they did a great job. My goal is to exercise every day, sometimes harder than other. I would buy the Neo2T again, and it looks great, and is quiet.

I have three trainers here:

  • Tacx NEO 1: the original. Still works, but very old. No real problems with this.
  • Tacx NEO 2T: a backup for kickr bike, happy with how it works and the very responsive power measurement.
  • wahoo kickr bike: first one failed in a month. Second one going okay, really happy with this. Especially that it is fully adjustable- this is important in my recovery from major surgery.

IRL, I Have two bikes:

  • Canyon Ultimate CF Evo 2018: Dura Ace 9100 power meter mixed with 11 speed E-Tap
  • Cervelo S5 2020 Team Sunweb: Quarq power meter with SRAM E-Tap AXS.

The trainers match the bikes fairly closely for power.

Wow … loads of really good information here, thank you so much.

Plenty to pore through and see if I can make a decision at some point.


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