Which category for TOUR DE ZWIFT 2020


C is up to 3.2w/kg

Trust me in a race you will perform better, when the race starts your adrenaline will kick in and you will have super powers.


No I don’t think it is easy. I imagine there is a lot of things to consider even before going down the programming route. If it was easy Zwift would have done it already even if it was just for one race series to see how it works.
I avoid the words “easy fix” unless I can do it my self in less than an hour.

I am hopeful that we will see something at some point and then we can ask for even more.


Damn, that was hard! I dropped to category D at the last minute. Finished 35th in game, but 11th on Zwift Power, so I’m close to being to the top of D which is nice. Will finish the tour in this category!

Thanks for all the help and advice.

For info, the guy who won (according to Zwift Power) had a 2.8w/kg average compared to my 2.5w/kg


Glad to hear that you had fun, now watch your fitness improve. Glad you did not get a DQ, keep track on your Cat so you enter the correct group.

did you look like me during the final sprint? :hot_face: :ride_on:

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A big :ride_on: for completing your first Zwift race!

For others reading along, here’s an article that might help guide you to which Cycling race category to choose.

Thanks guys. It was great fun, but looking forward to Stage 2 now.

Out of interest, Zwift Power only shows 27 riders for my race yesterday, but on Zwift there were over 100. Is this because they’ve not registered with Zwift Power, or most of the ones out front were disqualified? I don’t know which one to take as my actual result.

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In the end I did C, and finished exactly on my ftp which is 3.2 w/kg. Finished 29th on Zwift and 18th on Zwiftpower. Was my first race, and I will do them more often :slight_smile:

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The only way Zwift will get “fixed” for sandbaggers, is everyone registering in their correct categories. Your FTP puts you clearly into C for sure, so it’s great you’re entering in the right category.

I’m right on the upper limit of a category, and am doing an FTP test tomorrow, so might go from finishing in the top 1/3 on Zwift (higher on ZwiftPower) to finishing at the back of the next category, but at least the people in my old category will be competing against people truly in that category, and not have me doing to them what others do to me and I hate.

Generally on Zwift, after the race I scroll (which works terribly on appleTV) up the places to see, and there has only ever been a couple of people with an average power that is appropriate for the race category. It’s really frustrating.