When will zwift Apple TV app render in 4K?

I just bought a 4k apple TV to run zwift, and I was disappointed to see that it rendered in 1080P.  Any news on when it will render in 4K?

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Maybe the next gen Apple TV in 2019 (or whenever) could do it?   This apple TV can *output* a 4k signal, but that doesn’t mean it can render a giant 3D world at 4k and still look good.  We’d have to dumb down the graphics even more if we wanted to hit 4k resolution - the tradeoff isnt worth it.  Even most Playstation 4 games won’t render in 4k for similar reasons.

On the current Apple TV 4k all the Zwift 2D UI will run at 4k on top of the game which runs at an arbitrarily lower resolution, like 1080p.