Apple TV 4k is NOT 4K

Apple TV 4K is not 4K
I plugged my gaming laptop in to my 4K TV and the picture quality is awesome with shadows cast from your Avitar as well as everything else.
Plug in Apple TV using same HDMI cable and no shadow cast from Avitar but there are shadows from objects cast.
Doesn’t matter what setting you use in Apple TV setup everything is the same.
I do not think Zwift App is the issue, I just think Apple TV is just a low end product.
And yes I have tried 2 different Apple TV’s

Apple TV dont have the ability to render 4K gaming graphics. To render 4K graphics you will need a gaming GPU like the laptop you tested.

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The AppleTV 4K can do 4K UHD. Try a 4K movie. No problems.

On the other hand, with the AppleTV 4K Zwift renders in 1080p. The menu/sidebar items might be 4K. I forget :thinking: Also, iirc AppleTV 4K has about twice the frame rate of the standard Apple TV.


Displaying a movie and rendering graphics is not the same. With a movie the device just has to reproduce pixels screen by screen. but with a game it has to calculate where every pixel is based on your position it has to calculate what is visible to you, it takes a lot of processing power.

If you watch a broadcast of Zwift that was recorder in 4K you will see it in 4K on your apple TV.

I know this and thus specifically stated that Zwift on the Apple TV 4K renders in 1080p. The original poster made it sound like he was expecting Zwift to be in 4K and perhaps even that the Apple TV 4K cannot really do 4K at all.

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