Whats the best trainer settings for a race

I think i prefer medium or below. When i have the hardest setting i feel like I have to change gear all the time and sometimes the hills just hit u like a wall if your not ready/prepared for it and lose momentum. What do u prefere and whats the best setting to do well in races?!?

I understand the hardest one can be nice if u wanna try a realistic alp d zwift or some famous climbing but i races I dont know…

I usually use a low setting in races to minimize the mental effort of paying close attention to shifting. I sometimes spin a little faster on the short climbs to stay with the group, while everyone else is dropping their cadence. Seems to work for me.

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It depends of the elevation profile of the course, your bike and your trainer.

For flat courses, low trainer difficulty like 30% is best for me.
For hilly rolling courses, 60% to feel the road going up and put more watts like the rest of the bunch
For mountain courses 50% minimizes the gear changes.

The bike : if you have a small cassette like 11-28, low trainer difficulty like 30% is best to avoid using the front derailleur. I used a single ring with 11-36 cassette, I had to use low trainer difficulty. With my 11s 52-36 11-34 bike any difficulty was ok. Now I have a Neo bike set on double 52/36 11-34 12s (I used the ultegra cassette as my model), and 100% is nice as I have lots of different speeds.

The trainer : with the kickr core I liked low difficulty (30%) whereas the Neo bike shines on high difficulty… even 100% in race.

So it depends of so many things, you have to try and try again!


Thanks!!! Appreciate the answer!!!