Trainer setting

What percent do you set for “trainer difficulty”? Mine defaulted to 100 percent last week. Huge difference.

80%, usually.

pro races mandate at least 50%, if ur not a pro, then watever you want :upside_down_face:

100% if you are vEveresting…

50% I don’t like the amount of gear changes I have to make, especially on undulating courses, e.g. Titan’s Grove when the trainer difficulty is high.

HI it is your preference, I just keep it on 100%

I am a bigger fellow and when set at 100, I can overheat the H3 when grinding very steep climbs…Tower Road…So now I run it between 50-70…

All that trainer difficulty is, is basically same as swapping or changing bikes that have different gearing. Making trainer difficulty at say 30%, might be like installing a 34 tooth cassette on your bike that normally has a 25 max.

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Sort of. At trainer difficulty of 0, the grade becomes irrelevant. There is no cassette that will do that for you IRL. Also, when going downhill, things are reversed. At 100%, you might spin out in your highest gear. Lower the trainer difficulty, and it’s like adding a smaller cog.

That’s actually a pretty good argument for Zwift not impacting downhill speeds at all, isn’t it? No matter the cassette you have installed on a bike IRL, gravity benefits should always exist.

Zwift already treats downhill as half grade. Part of the problem is the unrealistic speeds we achieve going downhill on Zwift.

How dare you question my superior bike handling skills of 80 km/h downhill hairpin turning. :rofl:


I keep the setting at 100 percent. On that setting, reality corresponds in terms of gear choice and gradient. In fact, it was my wife who drew my attention to this. When she also started Zwifting and mounted her bike on the smarttrainer, she noticed that a well-known climb like Ventoux in France did not correspond at all with the selected gears in reality. As soon as the setting moved to 100 percent, this was correct. Since then I also use the maximum setting. If the bike on Zwift is the same as the bike you are going to climb with, you will never be surprised. Otherwise you run the risk of having to adjust gears.

True, but a lot of people have bikes for where they ride, not configured for Ventoux.

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