What is zwift?

Is zwift just a cycling programme? Or is it a cycling and a social programme?

If it’s that latter then one individual needs to stop only allowing subjects of which he personally approves. The discussion did not breach guidelines.

There is a huge geopolitical struggle going on now and it’s bound to infiltrate discussion between users here and requests to zwift along with public discussions around them. People feel useless, they want to feel they are contributing in at least some small ways.

By shutting down that discussion you are restricting the social aspects of this platform and bending them to fit with your own views. This is unacceptable.

You have to recognise the difference between Zwift and this forum.

Zwift is what it is, a training program for cyclists and runners. There is a social element i accept but people don’t run the program just to have a chat.

The forum is different. That is for the discussion of Zwift related issues. By having a general discussion topic it does kind of invite things to go off the topic of Zwift but my feeling is that all subjects should have something relating to Zwift.
I’m afraid some of the discussions don’t and once you venture into global issues you will always have contrasting opinions.

That’s fine and should be embraced but there are other forums out there for such topics.

Let’s keep the Zwift forum for Zwift topics.


This is a Zwift topic. People are asking Zwift for the freedom to express their solidarity with the victims of a dictatorship through promoting the national identity of those people.

Many of us have friends in Ukraine.

It’s frustrating to have such discussions shut down… Every single request for shirts, events, etc has been closed without solution.

Users are evidently asking for this but administrators seems to be shutting down their requests and restricting people’s showing of support. Yet, other protests ARE allowed and are actively encouraged.

It is related to Zwift and the deflection doesn’t wash.

I’ve no doubt this will be closed too, probably delisted as well.

I respect your opinions Tim but for me the war in Ukraine is not a Zwift topic.

Much the same as I wouldn’t expect a lengthy discussion on global famine on here. Or we don’t discuss North Korea either who are also under the rule of a dictator.

The previous discussions weren’t so much shut down but merged into one thread as it was becoming overawing the amount of people posting essentially the same request.
If multiple people request a change to Zwift they are merged and put into the relevant topic heading i.e. feature requests.

If people wish to campaign to Zwift then email them directly.

I empathise with the current situation in Ukraine and I’m sorry that you have friends caught up in it. I wish them all the best.


The war in Ukraine is not the topic. The topic is Zwift users being able to express support of their Ukrainian friends on the Zwift social cycling platform.

The other threads were all merged into one thread that was unilaterally shut down but one specific admin. It is the continued inaction and heavy handed shut down of discussion on the forums and small protest on the platform that has escalated people’s feelings about this.

Emails to Zwift are ignored - hence the discussion here.

The thread wasn’t closed because some were asking for a jersey to show their support of Ukraine. It was likely closed because it quickly descended into a political rant that had absolutely nothing to do with Zwift itself.


Hard to say if Zwift are ignoring the issue, they could be in discussions about a response. Some companies have been very quick to respond whilst many other have remained silent.

Like I say when the matter of topic is political, religious etc… it’s always going to prove difficult to formulate a response.

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It hadn’t become a “political rant”

Agree that might be the case but a pattern is forming… The discussion Is about Zwift

It did. It had nothing to do with Zwift or cycling.

Or running… Don’t exclude us. :joy:


Read here: https://forums.zwift.com/t/remember-our-community-guidelines/

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If this thread goes off the rails like the last one it will be closed. We are leaving it open for now as long as the discussion remains respectful and does not devolve into political discussion.


One person doesn’t a thread make.

Everybody else discussed how they wish to passively express themselves on Zwift. It does seem that what some people think is a “political rant” was just the culmination of a lot of frustration in being ignored or ‘silenced’.

Yes, changing one’s flag has been a form of protest but non-abusive name changes have been shutdown as containing swear words (despite no swear words)… With threats of bans. I have a number of IRL friends that have told me the same.

Like it or not, with Zwift being an international platform, when World events invoke such a reaction in the world as a whole, they will seek to express themselves. IRL, people can simply buy a kit, wear an arm band, etc… In the Zwift virtual world, that outlet being afforded would be helpful as well.

Goggle will match your donation to help Ukraine, take advantage of this:

Arguing about it on this forum, where 10’s of people will see it, is not going to help the people in Ukraine. I suggest everyone spend their time and effort doing something that will actually have an impact. Write to your elected officials, donate blood, volunteer to help refugees, donate money (I’ve already donated using the link above and to the Red Cross).

:peace_symbol: :ukraine:


Respectfully, I ride in Zwift in large part as an escape. In my life and job I get to see enough awful things going on in the world. I support causes I believe in outside of this game, and I do make a difference in my job. (which I’m not going to discuss so as not to doxx myself)

Stop politicizing Zwift. Too many of these discussions turn into dogpiling people with dissenting opinions. I fully support the mods efforts to cool things down.


Thanks Mike. I’m also doing other things to contribute, as are many but that is missing the point about how many people would like to make the smallest of gestures on this platform to show solidarity.

Respectfully CJ, we’re not forcing you to engage. Zwift is already political, it involves itself in many social justice campaigns, rightfully so. Inadvertently, you are asking to shut down opinions and wishes that dissent from your own… We’re not asking for that, we’re asking to have a more visual but passive expression of solidarity via. the platform… E. G. Ukraine jerseys.

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Hey everyone - it breaks my heart to see this conflict breaking out among us. Can we ratchet back the heat a bit?

We expect and encourage different opinions to be expressed in this community. But when heels get dug in, and there’s only one right opinion and every other opinion is wrong - that’s means we’ve stopped listening to each other. The conversation turns into an off topic shouting match, and we’re not going to host those This is a moderated forum, and off topic posts will be removed.

If you are so inclined - we invite you to join us in a series of Global Solidarity Rides for Ukraine on Zwift to support those being displaced by the current conflict. Zwift has pledged $25k to support the efforts of The UN Refugee Agency. You can find these rides here - zwift.com/events/tag/rideforukraine.

It’s also ok if you don’t want to participate. We ask everyone to respect and listen to those in this thread who said very clearly that Zwift is an escape from the horrors happening in the outside world. Please allow each other your differing opinions on this matter.


luckily this one doesn’t seem to be headed that way.

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we all have friends abroad an in the Ukraine - I have been in warzones all over the world. I come on Zwift to enjoy and get away from the media and chaos, please do not make Zwift political, it is not what its is about. If you do not like the way Zwift is run or what is being said just leave, or take your cause up with another open book source. Just let people ride there bikes TA.