What is the reasoning behind limiting the number of people allowed into the beta program?

Just curious.

I don’t get it also, my gf was about to start using it and the app is blocked :expressionless:

It’s fairly normal behaviour in a beta phase. Generally speaking, software developers want to open the doors to a limited number of test subjects to get feedback on a product that’s still in development. Reasons for that include minimising the load on potentially untested or unreliable systems, and minimising the number of upset users if things don’t go smoothly.

On the second point, if you open up a product to unlimited users and things go badly, you’ve potentially annoyed a large number of your user base. They might never come back, or spread negative publicity. Far better to risk limiting the damage.

It’s also common to only open a beta to specific types of user. e.g. it might only be open to Pixel 2 or 3 users. (That’s not the case here, but it could have been). In other words, limiting access to people with higher-end devices who are more likely to have a good experience and more predictable results.

In terms of feedback, it’s also often easier to focus on a limited amount of bug reports and problems, rather than try and handle issues from a large number of people. While the latter can help see how widespread a particular problem is, it does run the risk of a fairly trivial but widespread issue drowning out more critical problems that fewer people are reporting.

As confidence in the stability of the Android version increases, I’d expect them to increase the number of people given access - if not just release it.

I want to use Zwift with the Zwift running pod. They will happily sell it to you, but if you’re an Android user, you’re not going to be able to use it. At the very least, the store should have a big red warning that you can’t use the pod with Android.

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Hey Keith, you can use Zwift running pods on Android however there are some issues with it that we are investigating. We understand the frustration!

Hi Vincent, I cannot use a Zwift running pod with Android because the Android Beta Program is closed.
I cannot join the Beta Program in order to use pod.

Any Android user currently purchasing a pod from your store is unable to use it.

The frustration is not that there are bugs. The frustration is that it is impossible to use the pod at all.

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