"The early access program is currently full. Space may open up later."

(Jeroen P) #1

I’m trying to install Zwift on my android phone, but I get this message in the Play Store “The early access program is currently full. Space may open up later.”. Was there a limit of how many people could test it?


I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and would really like to help test it out

(Jeroen P) #2

Two days later I was able to install it without getting this message.

(J enny H | Bunya) #3

I’m really very cross about this. I held off buying a new tablet for months until I knew what was needed to run Zwift. I checked devices in shops to make sure that the playstore thought they were compatible. I bought a Samsung Tab S2 but then had to go away for a week or so. Back home now and ready to install Zwift and I get this message. I don’t recall anything in the announcement that said the beta was limited.

One reason I really want the android version is for treadmill walking for rehab. With a milestone pod to zwift companion to pc I get bad dropouts and lag. I thought simplifying the setup by running zwift on tablet would make rehab via zwift much better.

Please open the trial up again, at least to loyal subscribers

(J enny H | Bunya) #4

Tried again and I’m in. Thanks for the tip

(Randall Hunt) #5

Been trying for 3 days now to get the beta to test out on my S9, Keep getting the “The Early access program is currently full. Space may open up later”

(Byron Brewer [DIRT]) #6

Same here. Did you ever get in?

(Jeroen P) #7

Yes, after they released an update I was able to install the app. Maybe every time they release an update the counter resets or something? Thats how I got in.

(Vincent W.) #8

We’ve been increasing the count based on what we can handle :slight_smile:

(Grey Chris) #9

So when will the next limit increase be? It’s very frustrating to have to randomly check the play store download page to just be denied the download every time.

(Vincent W.) #10

Usually increases happen when a new update is released. I’ll keep you all posted.

(T TJarl) #11

I have got a new Samsung S9. Please notify me when I can install the beta.

(Vincent W.) #12

No problem @T_TJarl!
Once you’re able to find it in the Play Store you should be able to install it as well.

(T TJarl) #13

The program is now open again for new installs. After checking regularly the last few days, I was now able to install it.

(Craig Fletcher WLRCC) #14

Hi @Vincent please can you let me know when the next update will be going out :+1: I keep checking playstore regularly but seem to keep missing when its available! Thanks. Craig

(Alec Humes) #15

Hi @Vincent,

Same here Please advise when next round of access opens up to this.


(Vincent W.) #16

Hey all, I’ll announce when there is a new update. Thanks for pinging me!

(eric thomas) #17

Looking forward to being able to use Zwift when I goto the gym and run on a treadmill.

(Adam Brown) #18

Excited as well!

(Adam Brown) #19

Checked back and was able to download it as of now.

(eric thomas) #20

I missed getting to download it.