Is the beta still closed?

(Mickey Cheah [ASU]) #1

I was asked on facebook by a teammate if the zwift beta was still closed.  She said she had been “rejected” initially.  Having used the app for the last couple months, I hadn’t considered that there are people who weren’t able to test it out.

So is the beta open now?  If not, is there a way I can invite a handful of individual teammates to participate in the beta?  With school winding down and people scattering across the country it’d be cool for members of our team to still be able to ride together, even in a virtual manner.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Mickey,

While the Beta is currently still closed, we are still encouraging everyone to register as we are supporting more and more trainers all the time. I’m wondering if your friend didn’t get an invite because something in the Beta Invite Survey was entered incorrectly? Or perhaps they’ve since upgraded to a trainer/power meter that does work but hasn’t told us yet?

Please have them drop us a line via a support ticket with everything they currently have and we can definitely reevaluate :slight_smile:


(Scott) #3

As of today, Zwift is Open Beta :slight_smile: