What is the "Early version of "Ride Leader" mode added"

(H Peter) #1

What does this mean? Is this for leaders in a groupride? 

This is noted in the update released today 24 february.

(F lashGordon) #2

I was just about to post this same thing. Anyone have any idea what it is?

(> Happy Runner) #3


To state the obvious, there appears to be an “exit ramp” near the start/finish line that then goes behind a building an returns as an “entrance ramp”  Seems like rides will be getting together there, rather than the start/finish line.  

I’m also interested what the ride leader mode is.

(> Happy Runner) #4

Saw a video – the ride leader has a big gold arrow-like shape above him/her.

(F lashGordon) #5