What happens if I stay over 60 seconds beyond the fence?

I’m always following the leader with group ride.

Just curious. What is happening if I stay over 60 seconds beyond the fence the leader made?

Are the flyer removed from the ride?

No. Not yet.

You mean it will be implemented soon. Right?

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It used to be but there were some major issues with it so it was suspended. The fence is back but without the punitive measures.

It’s in development.

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Thanks for the answer. I hope it will be back again.

Oh good lord. It will be amazing when you get kicked for being beyond the fence!

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but hopefully the bug where you were kicked from being behind the fence and the yellow ride leader will be fixed :wink:

I still get the “return to group” warning without being ahead of the fence from time to time. Friday, I actually got it behind the yellow beacon.