What I Need for TTT?

Hi Folks! I can’t seem to find clarification for this anywhere, so I hope somebody here can help. I just joined a TT team, but I don’t have a smart trainer. I use a CyleOps Mag trainer and a Cateye Padrone for cadence and speed readings. I was told that I need a power meter to be able to race and have it count. Do I need to buy a totally new bike computer, or can I buy a power meter and just have Zwift read it? Will the Garmin Bike Speed 2 and Cadence 2 Sensor work? (It was recommended as a possibility) and if so, why wouldn’t my Cateye do the same thing, since it also senses speed and cadence?

Thanks for any help on this.

If you need a power meter then you just need a power meter and you pair it with zwift no need for new bike computer (and no the speed and cadence sensors wouldn’t be an option it you actually need power).

I don’t think I’d put that much money out to be able to join a zwift event myself but a power meter is pretty cool if you can afford it.

I can not confirm or deny that you need one for the event tho. That info should be on the organisers website or something.

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Thanks Ben. That was one of the clearest answers I’ve gotten so far. So the power meter is independent from the speed and cadence sensor of a regular bike computer.

Super helpful! I’ll dedicate my first official race to you. :blush:


@Marcia_Blanco if you do need a power source, such as a power meter or smart trainer (not a speed and cadence sensor, or a bike computer like a cateye, they are very different). I think one of the least expensive options are these pedals at $411 https://cycling.favero.com/assioma.