What determines speed in meetup

In a meetup with the “all stay together” option checked, what determines the group speed? We had one slow participant. When they dropped out, the remaining riders instantly picked up the pace. What is the logic behind ‘stay together”? in a meetup.

+1 on wanting to know the answer here., Same question re; Clubs that also now have the ‘keep together’ setting available.

I’m not sure if the exact formula has ever been shared by Zwift HQ? It is some kind of average I think?

Not quite sure, but I think it would be the group leader that determines the speed. And the keep together “rubberbanding” only helps the people than fall back from the rear about 5m as long as they keep momentum. If they fall back they get dropped.

I haven’t used this for a long time, but in the past it definitely wasn’t the leader’s pace because I was usually the leader and we had a slower rider us quite often and they made the pace slower than normal for me. And conversely sometimes the pace felt quicker than normal when most of the riders were faster ones than me.

As Mike says, I think it’s some sort of average.

Nope; it’s literally just a checkbox.
Maybe it’s tied to the Cat for some generic speed?

Either way; banded rides are the worst being my opinion; it just brings confusion to what pace anyone should be going, and if someone falls, there’s literally nothing you can do to help…

I was always curious about this as well; as it’s much the same as what ghost appears for you on a climb; why is it deciding on X ghost up a KOM?

Are you referring to the holoreplay?

Q: Can I select which Zwifter’s HoloReplay to view?

A: For now, we’ll select a HoloReplay for you that’ll be just challenging enough for you to chase down. We’ll use your 60 day power curve and current speed in the segment to spawn a HoloReplay that’s slightly faster than your predicted finish time for the segment. Remember, you’ll only see another Zwifter’s HoloReplay in routes with a leaderboard and if you have the setting turned on.

If you don’t have 60 day power curve data, we’ll use the higher of zFTP or your last 10 second power average going into the segment.


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:+1: good to know

That’s that turned off, and mine now set to private, cheers for the tip

Zwift’s answer is “black magic”. So unhelpful! :roll_eyes:

See: Zwift insider, how-does-zwift-calculate-my-speed (can’t post a link here)

From above post:
“Keep Everyone Together” feeling slow? The physics of group workouts on Zwift are modified in order to keep all riders together. For most riders, this results in a Zwift ride that feels slower than normal. Similarly, the “Keep Everyone Together” option in Meetups uses some black magic to keep your group together, often resulting in some riders m
oving faster than normal, while others move slower.